Low Carbon Diet

"Food is responsible for 10-20% of our impact on the climate" states Dave Reay in his book Climate Change Begins at Home.

A Low Carbon Diet

A Low Carbon Diet

A Low Carbon Diet refers to making choices about food that are more sustainable and reduce the impact on global warming. There are many things that we can do to reduce the pollution caused by transporting food great distances and unsustainable farming practices.   1. Buy organic food 2. Buy local food 3. Plant a garden to grow your own food 4. Eat only food that is in season 5. Eat less meat 6. Avoid eating imported food 7. Avoid eating processed food 8. Avoid eating frozen food

Food to Fight Global Warming

With over half of the world population living in cities, we are much further from our food sources than a century ago. For many people, raw food preparation has given way to fast food, frozen food, and packaged food. The environmental result of these actions are contributing to global warming. A low carbon diet is intended to reject the fast food and value eating fresh, local food.

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